In today’s volatile digital landscape, everyone needs a great backup solution. As businesspeople, we simply cannot afford not having a Backup & Recovery plan with all the threats that arise outside our walls. So, when we explored external options, we elected to partner with Dr. Backup. We chose Dr. Backup as our premier Backup & Recovery Partner because their ideals and enthusiasm match our own. They specialize solely in Backup & Recovery and provide the best service and support possible. We are not only a partner of theirs, but we are also a client as well. We trust Dr. Backup to manage our external storage and recommend you do also. Below are the top five reasons we prefer Dr. Backup:

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Choosing Dr.Backup is virtually risk-free. If for any reason you are not absolutely delighted with the ease-of-use, safety or convenience of our service -- please let us know immediately. We will either fix the issue or refund 100% of your current monthly service fee.

Multi-user Setup. Maintain unique accounts for each PC, laptop or server. All accounts are configured and managed individually, yet all can share the same pool of online storage, maximizing the use of your storage space

Dr. Backup notifies you if you do not backup. An account “watchdog” timer continuously reviews all active accounts and sends an email notification to clients which have gone inactive. This proactive monitoring is especially useful to office managers who are responsible for the safety of data on multiple devices.

Strong encryption is built in. You have your choice of seven (7) different encryption algorithms including the ultra-secure “Blowfish.” Because you alone have the encryption key, your data is completely secure on offsite servers. This helps medical professionals remain in compliance with the HIPAA security rules governing data protection.

Live customer support. Dr. Backup offers phone, web and email support by trained technicians. Your calls are NEVER transferred offshore to a generic call center with low level support personnel; just as with WebDesk.


If you would like more information on Dr. Backup’s services you can reach out to your WebDesk representative, or go directly to Dr. Backup by clicking the link below: