A Cloud Company

We offer in-house cloud solutions, serviced by our experienced staff, on a platform built specifically for SMBs. This gives you more flexibility and choices.

Problem Solvers

With many years of industry experience behind us, we often find the solution when others fail, because we understand the needs of small and medium sized businesses.

Beyond Machines

We make it a priority to get to know your business so we can make the best recommendations for accomplishing your company’s goals.

More than Support

Our dedicated team of US-based technicians will proactively work on your systems and provide the highest level of support without language barriers.

Our Story

The year 2004 was also known by Floridians as “The year of four hurricanes” (Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne). Twitter and the iPhone did not exist. “The Facebook” had just been created in a Harvard dorm room. The term “Cloud Computing” had not yet been spoken. The internet was little more than email and web browsing. At the beginning of 2004, WebDesk Inc. was not yet a name. Only an idea.

Florida was devastated. Supplies were limited, including fuel and delivery services. We started calling our clients to see what we could do to help; and then we had an idea. Our facility had escaped damage, so we gathered up our client’s backups and created a network that could be accessed remotely, enabling our clients to start working again right away. From there we never looked back, and neither did our clients. WebDesk was just an idea then, but quickly grew to be its own entity by 2010, leading us to eventually move into a modern state-of-the-art facility in Viera.

Since Covid-19’s arrival, businesses have faced many new challenges. But one challenge our clients did not have to endure was the adaption of remote employees for “the new norm”. Webdesk clients were already prepared. Today WebDesk has developed into a cloud service with several offerings, all aimed at helping Small Businesses across the US and Canada. While our capabilities have expanded, we remain focused on assisting businesses in getting migrated to the cloud quickly and easily. Since most small businesses do not have an IT staff and rely heavily on outside help, we specialize in migrating businesses to the cloud by handling it all for you. This holistic approach provides you with a very cost effective and simple path to embracing the “cloud”. We call it “ Simplified Cloud Services”.

Call or email us. Discover how simple it can be to get in the cloud at a price you can afford. No hidden fees or surprises. Let us show you how simple it can be.

We are a Veteran owned small business.

“Having spent many years in the “WebDesk System”, I can attest that the level of service and investment in client infrastructure success is second to none. These folks genuinely care about their work and satisfaction of clients. System users are the big winners.”

Bob Hall CFO, GEC Inc.

“I find working with WebDesk is really easy and stress-free. Before moving our server to their cloud environment, we had downtime monthly because of problems. It was very disruptive. Since moving to WebDesk, we have not had downtime once.”

Brigitte Singleton Senior GP Technical Consultant, S2 Technology

“I have been using data storage, data back up, and business hosting for over three years now. This has given me peace of mind during hurricanes and my own computer crashes. I can check anything in software and make changes from anywhere there is internet access. Great company to work with and their IT help has been excellent.”

Scott Venema Owner, RCG Lawns