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Our ability to create a customized solution based on the needs of your business is what separates us from other providers in the industry


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Our Story


2004, Also known by Floridians as “The year of four hurricanes” (Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne) that lasted for six weeks. Twitter didn’t exist. Neither did the iPhone. “The Facebook” had just been created in a Harvard dorm room. The “Cloud” didn’t exist as we know it today. There was no “Cloud Computing”. The internet was little more than email and web browsing. At the beginning of the year WebDesk didn’t exist either.

It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention, and that is certainly true for WebDesk. During that six-week period many of our customers were hurting badly from the hurricanes; offices destroyed, prolonged power outages, damaged equipment, etc. Supplies were extremely limited, including fuel and delivery services. We started calling our clients to see what we could do to help, but in most cases, we were likely a month or so away from replacing all the equipment failures and restoring functionality to client’s systems due to the circumstances.

Then we got an idea….and started working on our solution. Because of our strong facilities we didn’t suffer any damages. We had a lot of hardware available and a functioning internet connection. We started hosting our client’s networks, using their backup files, and provided access over the internet. A few weeks later, when things began to return to normal, we again approached our clients about replacing their in-house systems. The overall response we received was “can’t we just keep doing what we are doing? We like not having the servers here.” And that’s how it all started for us. We never looked back.

WebDesk was just an idea at the time, but quickly grew to be its own entity by 2010. In the beginning we didn’t know how to market something that didn’t generally exist outside of in-house systems. After all, we were just a bunch of techs. Our background was in on-site and managed services. The concept of a “cloud” was new, to everyone. The market did eventually evolve, with WebDesk right along with it.

Today WebDesk has developed into a cloud service with several different offerings, all aimed at helping SMBs across the US and Canada. While our capabilities have expanded, we remain focused on helping businesses, especially “first-timers”, get on the cloud quickly and easily. Most of our clients don’t have permanent IT staff and rely heavily on our expertise both on-site and in the Cloud. This holistic approach provides our clients with very cost effective and easily managed private cloud network and security.

Call us. Email us. Discover how we can help you get the technology you need at a price you can afford. No high-pressure sales person will call you. Just a technical professional genuinely interested in helping you implement the best technology for your company.

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